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Premier Home Solutions has been serving Southern Michigan for over ten years. Since its inception, it has concentrated in retrofitting homes to make them more energy-efficient. Premier Home Solutions has saved Michigan Homeowners tens of millions of dollars in heating and cooling costs. Premier’s primary product is Premier In-Wall Injection Foam. 

Our proprietary spray foam is 100% environmentally friendly and adds more R-Value per inch than any other product! Amazing! We also offer sill plate closed-cell foam that blocks all air and vapor infiltration to this exposed wood. Attic insulation will add that comfort and extra value to any home. 

Premier also offers a line of proprietary energy efficient windows that were developed by Premier Home Solutions. These are not only attractive and aesthetically pleasing but the highest energy savings of any comparable window.  

Premier Home Solutions was founded on the principle that every homeowner can do their part to help save the environment and at the same time save thousands of dollars in energy usage while also increasing the value of their home, which is normally their largest single investment.  

See our services! During a FREE Home Energy Audit, we visit the home with a state of the art infrared camera that can see air filtration, loss of energy, and problems inside the walls and attic space.  We inspect the home from the roof to the basement.  We provide the homeowners a listing of where they are losing energy, what that is costing them over time, and what they can save if these areas are fixed.  
Join them in seeking to save the environment one home at a time. Always keep in mind, you’re paying for these problems whether you solve them or not. 

We offer services with in a 100 mile radius from our Lansing, Michigan location.

What is an Energy Audit?

Energy Audits are a very important tool in analyzing and saving money on your home utility bills. Our Specialist will provide you with a professional assessment using a 12-Point Roof to Foundation check with the use of a thermal imaging camera. Using these reference points and tools, the Specialist will be able to show you where you are already saving money, and where you could be saving more. 

They will check the home energy consumption and recommend ways to help energy efficiency throughout the home. Contact us below to schedule your FREE Home Energy Audit!

Home Performance by Energy Star

Please take a moment to sneak a peek at this informative video on your home energy performance. It will explain in better detail how an Energy Audit can benefit you & your home!

*(Brought to you by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & U.S. Department of Energy).

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