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Premier Home Solutions is pleased to be able to offer the finest energy efficient windows on the market. 

We’ve specifically designed our windows to provide maximum energy efficiency while remaining stylish and pleasing for the contemporary or classic home. Available in hundreds of different color and design combinations, we offer high-quality, energy efficient windows to serve new-build or replacement window applications. 

Premiere Home Solutions foam-filled windows have even received the highest possible Energy Star rating, from the US Department of Energy. As of 2020 our windows have been ranked “most efficient” by the governmental rating agency, and are Energy Star qualified in all 50 states.    

Our unique, custom-designed windows have many energy-saving features, including: 

  • Aluminum-free construction
  • Double or triple panes
  • Foam core insulation
  • Air or inert gas fill, improving not only energy efficiency but sound proofing and impact resistance
  • A special protective coating that reflects both infrared and UV light which keeps more heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer 

Our windows and patio doors come in many different styles, and with a multitude of different options. We offer: 

  • Glider, casement and double hung varieties
  • Bay and bow window systems 
  • And exquisite sliding and swinging entry doors 

Most of our products come in standard and custom sizes, and can be thoroughly customized to your tastes with options such as: 

  • Indoor vinyl and exterior paint color
  • Latch and hardware material 
  • Internal miniblinds 
  • A wide variety of decorative muntons  
  • Clear or privacy glass 
  • Improved screen mesh 
  • And many more

Premier Home Solutions is proud to bring the mid-Michigan area the best windows available to homeowners today with what are the most innovative energy-saving features on the market.

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What Makes A Window Energy Efficient

What Makes A Window Energy Efficient

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The Advantages of Premier Home Solution's Windows

Our windows reduce condensation, offer better comfort, and lower HVAC costs They increase lighting & views. 

They offer significant heating & cooling savings ranging from 11%-24%! 

Best of all, because we manufacture our windows, we are able to offer a better product for less money.