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The Tools of the Home Energy Audit

Perhaps you have become familiar with a home energy audit, a scientific assessment of your home’s energy use.  Are you familiar with how they are performed and what tools do they use?

At Premier Home Solutions we aim to offer your family the most accurate information on energy efficiency. We enable you to make an educated decisions on your own home and lifestyle. We believe energy efficiency is one of the most important things you can do for your wallet, as well as the health and comfort of your family. It all starts with a home energy audit.

With spiking home energy prices and more frequent severe weather, now is the time to think about how you can maximize todays low interest rates. Add in the savings on your energy bills plus your families comfort and safety, and getting a free home energy audit simply makes sense. Especially because our residential energy assessments are free and come with no obligation.

So how is a home energy audit performed, what does it consist of, and what are the tools we use?

How is a Home Energy Audit Performed? 

After scheduling your free home energy assessment, a technician will first come to your home at a time that is convenient for you. Our BPI® certified technicians will review your utility bills with you and perform some tests on the home itself.

The most important test is the blower door test. This is a machine that connects to your front or rear door (without leaving any marks or damage of course) and creates an area of lower pressure in the home. This area of lower pressure allows outside air into the cracks of your home’s efficiency defense system so our technician can identify problem areas such as windows, air gaps and the like. A technician will search your home room by room for these energy wasters, which can often be felt on their own. We measured using a special calculator designed for this purpose.

Our technician will also use a special infrared camera to detect areas where energy is escaping that cannot be seen with the naked eye or felt with any unaided means.

When the assessments are done, our technician will go through the results with your family, and come up with a plan to create increased energy efficiency for your home, targeting the areas where you can create the most efficiency and save the most money.

The Tools of the Home Energy Assessment

1. The Blower Door Test 

The blower door is a machine that connects to an existing opening in your home, usually the front or rear door, and uses a large fan to create an area of lower pressure in your home so we can better identify air leaks. Connected to this fan is a calculator designed to identify the total area of air escaping your home. In some cases it can be quite large— 20 square inches or more, just like having a window open all winter. A blower door test is also usually performed on new-build homes to test their efficiency from the start.


2. The Infrared Camera

This is a specialized, handheld camera that can sense heat changes in areas of your home. You’ve probably seen in a movie before, where an infrared camera is used to track the heat signature of a person or thing in bright colors. Darker reds signify more heat generation, and colors on the blue spectrum indicate areas of cool or cold.

We use this tool to understand how much heat or cold is escaping from your home that could be kept where you want it with materials and techniques like insulation or better windows.

3. Your Home Energy Bills 

Surprisingly, your home’s energy bills are one of the biggest tools we use. We compare your bill with the size of your household and a few other factors, to see how your home compares to other homes in your area. We will also be able to tell you what you stand to save by getting your home to an ideal state.

4. The Report

With every home energy audit we perform, we provide you with a report of our findings. Our technicians will explain the results, and come up with a plan to create the most energy savings possible. All based on yoru specific situation and budget.  In some cases this could be increased or new insulation, new windows, or weatherization. But we will always let you know how to create the most efficiency for your money, and how to get the most bang for your buck.

 Free Home Energy Audits Within 100 Miles of Lansing

If you would like a home energy audit, absolutely for free, give us a call today and we’ll send a technician out at your earliest convenience. The US Department of Energy suggests homes perform energy audits once a year, and we are happy to provide this service to Michigan homeowners within approximately 100 miles of Lansing.

Give us a call today, and be on your way to energy savings!