A home energy audit is a series of tests used to determine your home’s energy use. 

Our residential assessment will show you how your home’s unique energy use will affect your family’s comfort level and how much money could be saved by implementing energy efficiency upgrades. 

How Does Energy Efficiency Impact Your Family? 

When your home is increasingly energy-efficient, it warms and cools your family using less energy and money. 

The average US residence typically spends $2,000 annually on energy bills. Given current trends, it is likely that residential energy costs will continue to rise. for the foreseeable future.

When products such as insulation become old and inefficient, your family pays more for energy that escapes your home. 

Wasted home energy has a direct, negative impact on: 

  • the health and comfort of your family
  • your pocketbook
  • and the environment 

For a modest upfront fee, your family can save money in the long run and help the environment, all while keeping you more comfortable. 

How Home Energy Audits Save Energy 

Your home’s energy efficiency is accomplished with materials and techniques such as air sealing, weatherization, insulation, energy-efficient windows, and blower door tests. 

Strategies like insulation and weatherization can eliminate air leaks that cause drafts, prevent unevenly heated homes, and help you save on natural gas and electric bills. 

Weatherization can also help maintain indoor air quality and defend against household pollutants like mildew, mold, and air pollution. 

In addition, many utility companies offer free money incentives and rebates to homeowners looking to increase their home performance. 

Ask your technician how these funds may be available for you. 

What to Expect During A Home Energy Assessment

During the home energy audit, our technicians will determine: 

  • how much energy your home is consuming 
  • if and where your home is experiencing energy loss
  • any problem areas that should be addressed 

Our technicians do this by examining the residence, room-by-room with special tools, as well as doing a thorough exam of your past utility bills. 

We use state-of-the-art thermal imaging devices so you can view the results live on-screen and in real-time as they scan room-to-room. 

An audit is recommended by the Department of Energy once a year to assess the following: 

  • your home’s energy use
  • insulation levels 
  • heated or cooled air loss
  • your windows & doors energy efficiency
  • your family’s impact on the environment
  • utility bill costs
  • and more

Covid 19 Precautions At Your Residence

Our staff continues to take necessary precautions to minimize potential risks of spreading the Covid-19 virus Our inspectors will wear a mask, and keep a minimum 6 feet distance. If you have any concerns please let us know prior to your visit and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Free Home Energy Audits by Premier Home Solutions

Professional home energy audit pricing is normally hundreds of dollars.  

Premier Home Solutions performs home energy audits at no charge and without obligation. Plus, after your audit, the information we find is yours to keep. 

We feel a home energy audit should be offered annually for free because most people are already overpaying on their utilities. 

Making finding a couple of hundred dollars in the budget to determine your home’s energy consumption an unaffordable cost for many homeowners. 

Typically, home improvements we can make to Michigan homes result in our upgrades paying for themselves over the home’s lifespan in reduced energy costs. 

Become a Part of Our Michigan Energy Saving Program

We offer home energy audits for free to Michigan homeowners within 100 miles of Lansing through the Energy Savings Program. 

Our Energy Savings Program is part of our grassroots marketing campaign. 

While we hope you’ll take an honest look at our energy-saving offerings and services, what you do with the information we supply you with is entirely up to you.

This program will keep Michigan homeowners informed year-to-year about their homes. 

It will allow you to stay up to date annually on how that translates into what you are paying for utilities. 

If a problem is found, or one arises in the future, hopefully, you’ll consider Premier Home Solutions to help you find the right, most cost-efficient solution for you and your budget. 

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