Home Insulation

PHS (Premier Home Solutions) Spray Foam

Here at Premier, we use a proprietary spray foam that has been crafted for the best energy efficiency results. It is a water-based foam that will fill 100% of a cavity. It is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. It will not settle like almost every other foam on the market! It is also environmentally friendly. Need to replace siding or even hang a picture, no worries, unlike other in-wall injection foams, PHS Superior Foam will not settle or crumble!


We are a complete insulation company providing energy-saving products that are saving homeowners thousands of dollars on their energy costs. We can insulate your attic, install our proprietary PHS foam, and install bond plates/crawl space coverage.


During your home energy assessment/free estimate appointment, we will provide you with an infrared scan of your home to determine where you are losing your energy dollars and make the best recommendation for your home and budget. 

Cellulose / Attic Insulation

Attics that are insufficiently insulated will allow heat and cool air to easily escape your home. When you incorporate insulation to your attic, you can reduce your energy bills. This will make your heating and cooling system more efficient & create a more comfortable environment. Additionally, inadequate attic insulation can lead to mold. When your attic floor is not insulated properly, drafts & moisture will rise to your attic in an attempt to escape. The EPA estimates that the typical American home has enough leaks, holes, and gaps in the attic areas which is equal to having a window open all year round! That is an astronomical & significant loss and cost to you.

Crawl Space Insulation

Air loss doesn't just happen at the top. In many homes, we find there is a lack of (or no) insulation laid on the lowest level of the home. Without an insulation bond installed, your energy dollars are being spent only to go right through the floor and out of the house. This kind of inefficiency is not just a costly one but also a dangerous one. This allows for air and moisture to leak in/out of the structure unbeknownst to you. One of the most common issues born from this mix of moisture and the fresh earth under your home is an unwanted smell and in some cases, even mold! We can install insulation in the crawlspace/basement to seal in those pesky leaks and start saving you those high utility bills.

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Slab-on-Grade Insulation

Slab-on grade insulation should extend down from the top of the slab on either side of the foundation wall. When that slab is separate from the perimeter foundation wall, insulation should be installed. This can be done between the slab and the foundation or on the exterior of the foundation wall.

Basement Insulation

Insulating your basement ensures that there will not be fluctuating temperatures across the different levels of your home. This can be a costly strain on your heating and cooling systems. It will be a line of defense against moisture buildup, which can cause mold easily in a basement.

New Build Insulation

Any new structure* should be insulated properly with the best products available. Our state of the art PHS Spray Foam is 100% environmentally safe, does not crumble, and will never settle. We also offer weatherization which would ensure the stability of the homes' energy efficiency. Perfect for any new home! *(Finished structures only)

Is Spray Foam right for me?

Would you like to know more about spray foam? Watch the video below!

How Insulation Works

By providing resistance to heat flow, insulation lowers your heating and cooling costs. Not only does properly insulating your home reduce those costs but it also improves one’s comfort. The beginning of understanding how insulation works, starts by learning about heat flow. This “heat flow” involves three basic operations: conduction, convection, and radiation. Let’s start with conduction. This is the way that heat travels through a material. An example of this is a spoon being placed into a hot cup of tea becomes hot at the handle and into your hand. Convection is the way hot air flows through gases and liquids. Convection is why cooler, denser air sinks in the home and why lighter warmer air rises in your home. Radiant heat is much different in that it shoots into a straight line absorbing energy from anything solid in its path and heating it.

Insulation tends to work on conductive heat flow by slowing it and convective heat flow also slows, albeit to a lesser extent. Whatever the operation, heat will flow from warm to cool until the temperature difference is null. What this means for your home is that in the winter heat will flow directly from all the living spaces that are heated into connected, unheated attics, garages, basements, and even the outdoors. Indirectly, heat flow can move through walls, interior ceilings, floors. In reality, it can travel to wherever there is a difference in temperature. 

When the home is working hard to stay cool in the summer, heat flows from the outside into the interior of the home. In the winter, heating systems need to replace the heat loss; in the summer, cooling systems will remove the heat gained inside the home. When a home is properly insulated, these operations become less strained and therefore provide a more effective way to resist the heat flow.