Energy Efficiency

Understanding how energy efficiency works and how it affects our lives and our planet is more important than ever. For more information on this click below.

Home Energy Audit

Stay as informed as possible as to what a home energy audit entails, how to prepare, and why it's a good idea to have one from an outside source: The Department of Energy.

Energy StarĀ®

Energy StarĀ® recommendations on how to begin saving on energy costs at home.

Thermal Imaging Device

Find out more from the Department of Energy on what a thermal imaging device is and how an assessment with one could help you in understanding your home's energy efficiency.

Carbon Footprint

What exactly is a carbon footprint? Find out more about how that works with your household energy consumption (among other contributors).

Carbon Footprint Calculator

If you are curious as to what your household's carbon footprint is, use the link below to start calculating just how much that is!

DSIRE (Rebates/Financial Incentive Programs)

Using the link below, select Michigan on the map to look for rebate programs in your area (listed by utility/program providers).

Insulation & Climate Change

The biggest threat to the environment and longevity to human existence is Climate Change. See how insulation helps combat climate change using the link below.

R-Value & Cellulose

What does R-Value mean and how does that translate to Cellulose insulation? Click Find Out More below!