Looking For a Home Energy Audit In Ann Arbor? 

If you’re looking for a home energy audit or are curious about what it involves, you’ve came to the right place. Premiere Home Solutions is the top providers for home energy audits in the Mid-Michigan area, and we’re pleased to be able to offer our services to you in Ann Arbor. 

What is a home energy audit? A home energy audit is a detailed assessment of the energy use and consumption of your home. Once the energy usage of your home has been established, we can use that information to see where we can save money. In some cases  you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year, through energy improvements like insulation, weatherization, new windows and doors. These improvement typically pay for themselves in a few short years.

We do these assessments absolutely for free to homeowners, and we offer, no pressure, no obligation consultations. This service is free because we truly believe in helping consumers understand their energy consumption. We pride ourselves in the quality and price of our products and services. 

When it comes time to choose a contractor to improve your home's energy efficiency,  you’ll find that what we do is heads and tails above the competition. 


How Do We Perform Home Energy Audits? 

First, we’ll set up something called a blower door test. With this test, we hook up a large fan to a large and existing opening in your house, usually a back door. With all other doors and windows closed, the blower will create an area of low pressure in your home. Don’t worry! This is 100 percent safe, and will not leave any marks or damage anything in your home. It’s akin to shutting your bathroom door and turning on your shower fan to suck out all of the steam. 

When we’ve created this area of lower pressure, we can then easily find out where air is leaking into your home, usually through windows and doors, openings where your home connects to the foundation, and other areas you might not think of. 


By walking through the home in some cases we can feel the air seeping in. We’ll also use specialized tools to measure airflow and a high-tech thermal heat imager to see exactly where energy is leaking, plug holes, and save you money. 

Along with a review of your energy bills in comparison with the size of your home and occupancy, we can then make recommendations on which improvements will give you the best value for your investment.. For some households that will mean new windows or doors. For others, it can mean basic weatherization. And yet for others still, it can mean more or different insulation or a new roof. 

In any case, we can help you decide what’s right for your home and your budget. 

Call Today For A Free home Energy Audit from Premier Home Solutions 

If you’d like to see how energy efficient your home is, or find out where your house could use the most improvement, give us a call today. Again, this assessment is free, won’t harm your home in any way. There is no obligation to purchase anything. And the best part? Over the lifetime your home, improvements pay for themselves in energy savings.

We are scheduling assessments in Ann Arbor now!