Free Home Energy Audit in Battle Creek

Would you like an absolutely free home energy audit from Premier Home Solutions?

We are happy to be able to provide homeowners in the Battle Creek area with a no-pressure, no-obligation home energy audit that can tell you and your family where your home improvement dollars can go furthest when making maintenance and efficiency decisions.

A home energy audit takes only a couple of hours and will explain where your home is doing well regarding energy efficiency and where it could be better. Using special tools like a blower door test and infrared cameras, home energy audits pinpoint where you can improve your home’s defense against the cold and heat and develop energy savings.

Perhaps more insulation in your crawlspace would get you the most bang for the buck. Maybe some simple weatherization will save you the most money in the long run. Maybe it’s replacing the windows and doors. A home energy audit can tell you scientifically where these improvements can be made to make the most impact.

We have said on this website before, and we’ll say it again: these improvements often pay for themselves over the lifetime of the products and your home. They pay for themselves in reduced energy bills, yes, but also make your home more comfortable and safe in the meantime.

A home energy audit is the first step. And we provide them for free.

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A Professional Home Energy Audit in Battle Creek for Savings and Value 

 As we mentioned above, a home energy audit is the first step to saving money—potentially thousands of dollars a year—through energy efficiency. If you give us a call and schedule an appointment, here’s what will happen:

We’ll send an energy auditor technician to your home at your earliest convenience. He or she will perform a home inspection to collect some information from you about the size of the house and household and review your monthly energy bills. This gives us a baseline to compare your home's energy efficiency with other similar homes.

The technician will then perform some energy conservation tests on your home, the first being a blower door test, where a large fan is hooked to your front or back door, and an area of lower pressure is created in the home.

With this data, we can effectively see and measure air leakage that may be causing your air conditioning or HVAC systems to overcompensate. The technician will also use an infrared camera to take a look at your insulation levels and other factors that can contribute to energy loss.

Finally, our technician will sit down and explain everything to you and your household and discuss options for improving your home's energy use through methods and materials like spray foam insulation, highly efficient windows, and doors, and weatherization.

We Are In Battle Creek Today!

The first step to improving the efficiency of your home is a Battle Creek home energy audit, so call today.

Again, these energy assessments are free, contain absolutely no obligation or pressure to purchase anything, and can tell you almost all you need to know about your home's energy efficiency. Let us help you determine where you can invest your home improvement dollars to most effectively save money on utility bills and conserve energy.

Give us a call, and we’re happy to serve you.