Residential Energy Audits in Flint, MI

Did you know that Premier Home Solutions offers free home energy audits in Genesee County? A home energy audit is a small scientific study of your home’s energy efficiency. It helps to determine where your home could be more energy efficient to save you and your family money. 

Many of our improvements will pay for themselves over the lifetime of your home with increased energy savings. And while savings is a large part of the puzzle, while you're saving money your family will be more comfortable and healthy in the meantime. 

In addition, many energy companies such as Consumers Electric, offer financial incentives to increase the energy efficiency of your home, making the process a no-brainer for Flint homeowners. 

But the first step to improving your home’s efficiency is completing the home energy audit. This is a painless process for your family and household. It is performed absolutely free through our home energy savings program. 

Home Energy Audits for Safety and Comfort

You probably know that increasing the energy efficiency of your home will save you money in the long run. Adding energy efficiency improvements to your household requires a modest amount of money upfront, long term savings over the lifetime of your home.

Did you know energy efficiency will also make your family safer and more comfortable in the meantime? 

Adding improvements to your home with things like insulation, weatherization, and new windows eliminate drafts and uneven heating of your home. With these improvements you can experience significant reductions in cold floors, rooms that are warmer or colder than each other, and a more even heating of your home with fewer temperature spikes and dips across the day. 

Some of these improvements have also been shown to make your family healthier. These improvements improve air quality by keeping pollution outside the home. Upgrading insulation is often the first defense against household pollutants like mold and mildew, which can be toxic for your family.  

Save Money For Your Family With Free A Home Energy Audit

Finally, adding energy improvements to your house reduces your carbon footprint and helps to do your part to reduce carbon emissions.

Reduced monthly heating bills, increased comfort and safety for your family, and good for the environment? That’s an absolute win for everyone. If you would like an absolutely free, no obligation, no pressure home energy audit performed on your home, give us a call today. We have technicians in the Flint area ready to serve you. 

The process is painless, thorough, and by the end you’ll know much more about what you can do to create energy efficiency— along with savings, health, and comfort— for your family.

Call today to be on your way to significant savings! 

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