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Do you know how important updated windows and doors are for your home? Here at Premier Home Solutions, we know just how valuable they can be. This is why we make some of the most energy efficient windows available on the market today. 

Our windows are highly energy efficient, and have received top ratings from Energy Star, the nonpartisan program of the US Department of Energy that rates consumer goods on energy efficiency. 

This sounds expensive, right? 

It isn’t!

We have not only designed our own windows for maximum energy efficiency, we make them in our own factory. That's right, we can extend family factory direct pricing to you, cutting out the middleman and his profits.

We want to make your home as energy efficient as possible. We do all we can to make this affordable for all. Besides energy efficient home improvements, including windows, pay for themselves over the lifetime of the products. For this reason we offer financing with as little as 0% down with qualified credit.

That’s right. It is entirely possible the savings from having new energy efficient windows installed can save you so much money in reduced energy bills, that our windows will pay for themselves. 

How’s that for service and efficiency? 

Energy Efficient Windows That Will Save Your Family Money 

Our windows are vinyl, come with foam-filled cores, are double or triple pane, filled with inert gas or air to maximize efficiency. These features ultimately save you and your family money and add comfort to your home. 

As we mentioned above, our windows have even received the highest possible Energy Star rating from the US Department of Energy. As of 2020, our windows have been ranked “most efficient” by the governmental rating agency, and are Energy Star qualified in all 50 states.   

The bottom line? Our windows are both extremely efficient and cost effective. We believe we have the absolute best windows and doors available on the US market today. We want to see as many homes in Flint with our windows and doors as possible. 

Energy Efficient Windows For The Entire House

Of course, our windows and doors are stylish too. You have the choice of a wide range of colors and hardware material to match any home, contemporary or classic. PHS windows and doors come in a number of styles from beautiful sliding patio doors, to bay windows, and even to skylights.

Our windows can be styled to fit your exact needs and sizes— when you are the factory, you can do just about anything and no job is too intimidating. 

We’re also happy to provide those little extras that make things easy for you and your family as well: Improvements such as pet resistant screens, integrated minibilids, and multons can make any windows and doors uniquely yours for any needs you may have.  

Doors and Windows Straight From The Factory 

If you’re in the market for energy efficient windows or doors, give us a call today to schedule an absolutely free consultation. We’ll come to your home, take some measurements, talk to you about styles, colors and cost, and you can be on your way to having some of the most energy efficient windows on the market. 

Alternatively, feel free to download our free windows brochure and give us a call to talk about your needs on the phone. 

We look forward to serving you.

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