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Did you know insulating your home is widely considered one of the best investments you can make? Insulation holds all kinds of benefits to your home, family, and health. One of the most important positives is it can often pay for itself over time!

That’s correct, a properly insulated home requires less energy, to maintain a stable temperature. Meaning you use less electricity and gas to heat or cool your home. These savings add up quickly.

Our insulation is simply the best. There’s no other way to put it. We have developed our spray foam insulation in-house to perform exceptionally well during Michigan winters. Our spray foam insulation performs better than the pink batt insulation many homes have. It’s also water-based, unlike many other spray foam mixes, which is far less toxic and much better for the environment.

While our spray foam is our premiere product, we don’t just do foam insulation. When you hire Premier Home Solutions we’ll work to come up with the best whole home insulation plan to fit your budget and comfort. We offer additional types of insulation such as blown-in cellulose, sill plate insulation, and more. 

An Insulation Contractor With Your Family In Mind

As mentioned above, adding insulation to your home will save you money, lots of it. But it also has other benefits in the meantime, namely comfort and health. 

Proper insulation ensures your home is comfortable year round. We can often even out the uneven heating of a home and eliminate temperature differences between rooms. It also helps with things like cold floors and bathrooms, especially if you have forced air heating (a furnace) the furnace turns on less. A furnace that runs less, blows less air reducing dust, and maintaining a more consistent temperature throughout the home.

Insulation has been shown to add to the general health of your family. Insulation is often the first line of defense against household pollutants like mold and mildew. Because insulation protects against uneven heating, it also protects against condensation which comes from the meeting of two differently heated surfaces. Condensation and other forms of moisture create the conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Insulation, especially spray foam insulation, acts as a great deterrent.   

Spray Foam Insulation And Other Effective Materials

While spray foam insulation is considered the gold standard for insulation for walls and roof decks, we offer other forms of insulation that can work even better in certain situations. 

One of those is cellulose attic insulation. This is a product made basically from fire-treated paper that is blown in your attic. We all know heat rises, so attic insulation is one of the most important pieces of your home’s insulation puzzles. Cellulose insulation is often desirable in the attic because it can be stacked quite deeply, providing more insulation value, for less cost in comparison with spray foam. 

We also offer specialty types of insulation like slab on grade insulation, that can help warm your floors and protect your living space from where your home interacts with the ground.  

We have technicians in Flint now!

The bottom line is, if you think your home could use more insulation, give us a call and we’ll perform a free, home energy audit so you can see where you can get the most bang for your buck. We’ll use specialized tools to tell you exactly where your home could stand to use more insulation— and save you money. 

Give us a call, and we’ll be out to see you at your earliest convenience! 

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