Grand Rapids Home Weatherization For Health and Savings

Weatherization, also known as air sealing, is the process of improving the thermal envelope of your home to keep warm air inside in the winter and hot air out in the summer. 

The thermal envelope of your home is like a suit of armor. It keeps what you want inside, while keeping what you don’t want outside. Weatherization removes any chinks in this armor by reducing the flow of air into and out of your home. 

But air sealing and weatherization not only keeps the air where you want it— saving hundreds of dollars in the process— but also keeps your family healthy by keeping pollutants out and reducing the risk of environmental contaminants like mold and mildew. 

This all adds up to incredible savings, both on energy bills and on healthcare and other tangential costs. Oftentimes, the cost of adding weathersealing to a Grand Rapids home will pay for itself over time and is nearly universally considered a cost-saving investment over the long run. 

In one study, done by the United States Department of Energy, the average savings of homes where weatherization was added was $283 dollars, per year, just in energy costs. The same study also found that for every dollar spent in weatherization, $1.72 dollars was saved in energy costs alone, and a whopping $2.78 was saved in total costs when factors like increased health were taken into account. 

These are real savings.  

The Undeniable Benefits of Air Sealing Grand Rapids Homes

The process of weatherization a home involves various techniques to stop the flow of air into and out of the home, and is not simply limited to air sealing with specialized materials like caulk and foam, although it does include that. Some of the additional techniques we use are: 

  • Install insulation where needed
  • Repair/replace windows/doors
  • Install window film, awnings and solar screens
  • Repair minor roof and wall leaks prior to attic or wall insulation
  • Evaluate mold/moisture hazards
  • Perform incidental safety repairs when needed

The best part is, most of these processes can be retrofitted, which means they can be performed on already existing homes. 

Not only do these techniques add up to increased energy savings— a potential of nearly $3,000 over 10 years— but they can also make your family healthier. In the same study performed by the Department of Energy, homes that had been weather sealed saved a whopping $514 dollars just in out of pocket medical costs.

The study found the total health and household cost savings to weatherized homes was an incredible $14,148. This accounts for fewer days of work missed, lower medical bills, doctor visits, etc, as weatherization helps to prevent pollution and other environmental hazards.  

What could you do with another fourteen thousand dollars? 

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The first step in weatherizing your home is to perform what’s called a “home energy audit.” This is a test of your home’s thermal envelope, using specialized tools, to see where air is entering and exiting as well as where general energy efficiency can be improved. 

We perform these tests for free. These tests are always no pressure and no obligation. We do them in the hopes that when it does come time to weatherize your home, you will be able to take a fair look at our services and what we can do for you and your family. 

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