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The windows and doors in your house represent one of the most drastic factors in your home’s energy efficiency. Windows and doors are the most significant areas where the inside of your home connects with the outside, and thus offer the largest opportunity for things to go wrong. 

Over time, warping, sagging, and settling can occur, allowing airflow into and out of your home, interrupting the thermal envelope. These inefficiencies can cause major heat or cooling loss resulting in higher energy bills. 

Even if these leaks are small, even barely detectable, they can add up to thousands of dollars over time. Imagine a leaking faucet. Ten or twenty drips per minute might not seem like a lot, but over time those drips turn into puddle, then those puddles turn into ponds, and eventually, those ponds turn into oceans. 

The slow steady drip of air into your household can add up to big money over the course of a season or many years. How much money? 

With some projects, average homeowners can save as much as $400 a year— and for some families much more—  on energy bills through winterization strategies like installing new windows and doors. That’s $4,000 over 10 years alone— a very good investment, considering you’ll also be keeping your home more comfortable and will be helping our environment and air quality in addition. 

Energy Star® Certified Windows

Even if your windows are newer, but not particularly efficient, it might be worth looking into some of our energy— and money— saving innovations. 

Our specifically engineered windows are Energy Star certified— the standard for energy efficiency in the United States, administered by the Department of Energy. But not only that, our windows have been recognized as the most efficient windows by Energy Star available in 2020. 

Our windows come in double or triple pane models, and are made with a special coating on the glass that reflects infrared and UV light. Our windows are filled with air or argon gas, offering superior insulating properties to standard windows. They’re also made without aluminum, which can transfer heat, and the sashes are filled with foam, offering superior insulating properties.

All of these innovations, and even more complex ones such as the ways our frames and glazing are engineered, all add up to extremely efficient windows that you can trust. Our windows will keep your family comfortable, and save you money, all winter and summer long.

As always, our windows come in a plethora of styles and colors, and can be customized for your home and unique tastes. From hardware material, to window style, glass type to decorative muntins, we have it all. 

A Free Audit of Your Windows and Doors in Grand Rapids

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Premier Home Solutions is proud to offer a free home energy audit to Grand Rapids homeowners, which will test the efficiency of your windows and doors and other areas of your house. Our energy audit is no pressure, no obligation, and can help you identify the areas of your home where you can save the most money through energy efficiency, whether it be your windows and doors, insulation, or other weatherization factors. 

Give us a call today and see how we can help save you money, while adding comfort to your home and taking care of the environment. We hope to hear from you soon.