Professional Home Energy Audits In Kalamazoo, Michigan

Premier Home Solutions is proud to offer free home energy audits to homeowners in the Kalamazoo area. We perform these audits as a service to potential customers because we want homeowners to understand how their home will affect their energy consumption and energy cost.

A home energy audit can tell you exactly how much energy your home uses through a three-step scientific process. It will also inform you of potential energy savings you can get through improvements like added insulation, new windows and doors, a new roof, or home weatherization

These home upgrades invariably save money. Most times, they save so much money through the products' life that they pay for themselves in reduced energy bills over the long term.

To put that another way, you can save real dollars above the initial install cost over the long run. But that’s not all.

In the meantime, your family will be more comfortable, enjoy improved indoor air quality, and be safer due to these improvements. 

How Do You Measure Home's Energy Performance?

The first step is giving us a call for a free home energy assessment so we can understand your current energy use and whether new insulation, windows, or general weatherization are a better option for your home.  

We do this by sending a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy auditor to perform a series of tests on your home. These include a blower door test to determine the cost of possible air leaks in your home and any air sealing issues.

Next, we look at your heating and cooling systems and water heater settings to increase your home's energy efficiency. Lastly, we go room-to-room, including your crawl space and attic, with an infrared camera to look for air leakages and cold or hot spots to find heat loss areas.

During the home energy analysis, we also look at your past utility bills and various items throughout your home, such as light bulbs and showerheads, to help you find viable and straightforward saving options.

Kalamazoo Home Free Energy Audit for Savings and Health

It’s no secret that adding energy-efficient home improvements to your home will save you money. It’s universally lauded as a good investment that will pay off in the long run. But did you know it can make your family healthy in the process? 

One study from the US Department of Energy found health and savings benefits to properly weatherizing homes. From the Weatherization Assistance Program study: 

“After Weatherization, families have more livable homes, resulting in fewer missed days of work (i.e., sick days, doctor visits), and decreased out-of-pocket medical expenses by an average of $514. The total health and household-related benefits for each unit are $14,148.”

That’s quite a bit of money, not to mention the raw health benefits. Weatherization, of the type that starts with a home energy audit, accomplishes this by making a home more liveable: fewer drafts, less uneven heating of a home, fewer allowances for household pollutants like mold and mildew to grow, and restricted access to unclean air, which when properly introduced to a home can be filtered. 

Starting with a home energy audit will save you and your family money. This savings is a no-brainer for any homeowner. It pays for itself over the long run, makes your family more comfortable and healthy, and is suitable for the environment? 

Call Today For a Free Kalamazoo Energy Audit

 One of our free home energy audits take just a few hours and puts you on the way to understanding energy efficiency in your home, saving you money, and helping you save energy.

These audits are no-pressure, have no hidden costs, and are worry-free. We will only ask that you look at our services once the audit is done.

Give us a call today to be on the way to energy independence— and improve the health and safety of your family on the way.


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