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Are you looking to make your home more energy-efficient with quality home insulation available to today’s homeowners?

Premiere Home Solutions has custom crafted our spray-foam insulation specifically to be the most efficient, eco-friendly, and economical insulation available to consumers today. 

It’s no secret insulation decreases your monthly energy bills and increases the value of your home. But what many people don’t know is that insulation costs, particularly our high-quality spray foam insulation, will pay for themselves in reduced energy bills over time. 

Our insulation increases comfort in your home in nearly every instance and protects against household pollutants and toxins. 

Simply, installing quality insulation in your home is a win on every level: Reduced energy bills (paying for itself over the long run), increased home value, increased comfort in the winter and summer, and reduced instances of toxins and pollutants. 

The choice is simple: Premiere Home Solutions

Easily the Top Kalamazoo Spray Foam Insulation Company

The fact is, the type of insulation you chose to use in your home does matter.

Unlike the less effective batt or fiberglass insulation, our spray foam insulation is a proprietary formula that does all the things mentioned above and provides your family with the highest level of quality, period. 

Our spray foam is water-based, making it more eco-friendly, it can add rigidity to your home, and it offers the highest R-value per inch of insulation available. 

And get this: It comes with a lifetime warranty. 

That’s correct, it won’t settle like other types of insulation, won’t crumble over time, and hanging photos and other things where nails must be driven through wall coverings simply isn’t an issue.   

Spray foam insulation is resistant to moisture and repels pests. Fiberglass insulation or batt is notorious for losing R value when exposed to moisture, and a preferred nesting material for many types of household pests.

Spray foam insulation can be added to existing walls

With spray foam wall insulation there is need to tear walls down to their studs to add insulation. Our insulation professionals can create a small hole in an existing wall, spray the insulation and seal up the wall, minimizing any signs of work in the area.

Spray foam fills wall cavities completely and does not settle over time the way cellulose does. Noise and air pollution are greatly reduced, improving your homes ambiance and overall wellbeing.

Some signs your home may benefit from a spray foam retro fit

1. Excessive road or neighborhood noise in your area?

Does your neighbor mow at 7:00am on July Saturday mornings? Perhaps your home is in a busier neighborhood than you prefer.

Spray foam insulation retro fitted to exterior walls, helps keep unwanted noise outside, helping foster a sense of a peace.

2. You frequently experience high winds or are located in an open area with few windbreaks

Spray foam has shown signs of adding racking strength to wall, and the solid nature of spray foam insulation stops drafts.

3. You feel a draft near your outlets

This is especially common in older homes, farm houses and homes in exposed areas. This is a sure sign. Don’t be worried, we are here to help maximize your home energy efficiency investment. We will design a custom insulation project plan to maximize your budget and provide the maximum energy savings.

4. Your walls feel cold to the touch

Right in line with draft near the out lights this is very typically in homes build in the late 19th and early 20th century. Old farm homes, and even subdivisions built as recently as 2010 can have these concerns. Get a quote today. Simply click the chat button at the bottom right, give us a call here, or fill at the form at the bottom of the page.

5. You haven’t re-evaluated your home insulation in the past 10 years.

It’s easy to let these things get lost in the busyness of life. The recent spike in energy prices have been a wake up call, not to mention the recent news on climate change. There has never been a better time to invest in your homes energy efficiency.

Even recently built homes can be insulated to code, but from maximum efficiency. Some builders choose less efficient materials such as fiberglass or batt insulation. These material ARE cheaper, but there is always a trade off. You get what you pay for in the long run.

Professional Insulation Installation for Savings and Health 

Premier Home Solutions is not just any insulation company. We offer complete insulation systems for the whole home, garage and pole barn, including blown-in cellulose insulation— most often used as attic insulation or in crawl spaces where depth and cost are a concern— and specialty insulation, like sill plate insulation. 

Each home is unique, and while may believe more home insulation is better, a holistic approach is often best. Our BPI certified professionals will make a custom plan to fit your budget while maximize your homes energy efficiency.

Spray foam insulation isn’t ideal in every home situation— take, for example, the attic, where cellulose insulation may be more practical and economical. 

With a free home energy audit, we can help determine which insulation products will work best for your unique situation.

Call Today For A Free Home Energy Audit In Kalamazoo

If you’re thinking about doing a home improvement that includes more insulation, different insulation, or an insulation upgrade. In that case, the first step is performing a home energy audit, which we do free to you and will take just a few hours. 

This is a scientific process where we will perform a number of tests on your home. Together with information about your household size and a review of your energy costs, we can tell us exactly where your home could stand in energy improvements. 

In addition, it will tell us where you can get the most bang for your energy dollars, whether in improved insulation, improved windows or doors, or general weatherizing, so your money is going further. 

If you would like a free home energy audit in Kalamazoo or a simple insulation consultation, please contact us today, and we will send out a technician at your earliest convenience.

We also service other areas in lower Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Portage and Battle Creek.

Again, this process is absolutely free for you and contains no obligation to purchase anything. 

Call a local pro today to be on your way to energy savings.


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