Energy Efficient Windows and Doors in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Have you been looking for high-quality, energy-efficient windows?

Premiere Home Solutions is a top-tier supplier of the absolute most energy-efficient windows available to homeowners on the current market.

We have designed our windows in-house to be the most energy-efficient windows possible. We manufacture them ourselves in our factory to ensure you’re getting the best energy efficiency.

We have even received the highest rating from Energy Star, the Department of Energy Program that rates windows and other consumer goods, for our new windows, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible home improvement for your money.

This sounds expensive, correct?

No, not particularly. Because we have designed and manufactured these windows ourselves, we are happy to extend to you factory-direct pricing. We have cut out the middle man so your home can have the best energy-efficient windows possible for the price of much lower-grade windows.

And when you add in the increased energy efficiency and cost savings from using less air conditioning and heating, replacing your windows with our ultra-energy-efficient windows is a no-brainer.

Energy Efficient Windows

Not only can our quality products save you money— in some cases a great deal of it— they can also keep your family safe and more comfortable too.

While energy efficiency improvements like windows often pay for themselves in the long run over the life of the products in increased energy savings, they also help to eliminate drafts and the uneven heating of your house and work to prevent household pollutants like mold and mold mildew and air pollution.

One US Department of Energy study found that improvements to home weatherization, like replacing windows, resulted in “fewer missed days of work (i.e., sick days, doctor visits), and decreased out-of-pocket medical expenses by an average of $514. The total health and household-related benefits for each unit is $14,148.”

This is a great deal of money and a benefit to the health, comfort, and happiness of your family.

Additional Kalamazoo Services

Home Energy Audit

Home Insulation

Home Weatherization

Replacement Roofs

Thousands of Replacement Windows Styles

At our local showroom, you will find 100s of different window styles. All of which are excellent energy-efficient replacements that’ll help to lower your monthly energy bills.

Gone are the days of the most energy-efficient products also being the ugliest. Our windows have been designed for efficiency and style and will fit any home, contemporary or modern.

We offer near-unlimited permutations on color and size to match any home and extras like pet-resistant screens, interior mini-blinds, and other improvements that can make home life that much better.

Of course, you’ll also have your choice of hardware color and style, sash and casement style, size and location, and everything you might want to customize the look. We also sell specialty windows like skylights, door walls and sliding doors, and bay windows.

Whatever you can dream, we can do.

Energy Efficient Doors and Windows— For Your Financial Health

If you would like replacement windows professionally installed in Kalamazoo or a free home energy audit to see how your windows are performing, pick up the phone and give us a call today.

Our door offerings include entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, and more! The best part? PHS isn’t just a window company! We offer even more home improvement services, including window installation, door replacement, and roofing services.

At PHS, not only can you get the look and style of the windows you want, but you can have the best-rated energy-efficient windows available to consumers anywhere in the US. All right here in southwest Michigan!

Call today. We are in Kalamazoo and ready to serve you.

Don’t forget to ask about our financing options and in-house warranty.