Energy Efficient Windows and Doors In Lansing Michigan

Did you know the type and quality of the windows in your home is one of the most important factors in the energy efficiency of your home? Many homeowners don’t understand just how important it is to have windows that seal adequately, provide enough insulation and other energy loss mitigation strategies, and keep warm or cool air where you want it. 

One of the most drastic factors in your home’s energy consumption is if air is allowed to escape and enter your home. Even if your home is the best insulated house in the state, if large amounts of air are able to enter and escape through inadequate sealing of your home’s temperature envelope, you’ll be throwing money out the window — literally. 

Because windows and doors are the areas designed to allow access into and out of your home, they are the most likely culprits for air leaks. Even one small leak can mean hundreds of dollars in increased energy bills each year, and something as simple as your windows or front door could be to blame. 

Imagine your home as a submarine below the sea, and your windows and doors are the portholes and hatches on the submarine. If one of those portholes or a hatch has even a tiny leak, over the course of a season or two— say, the six months you might be heating your house between October and March— all that water can really add up. 

Same with your home. One tiny leak in a poorly sealing window can add up to big money over the long run. 

The Most Efficient Energy Star Certified Windows In Lansing

Our Windows are specially designed to provide maximum energy efficiency— and maximum money savings— to your Lansing home. 

These windows are not only Energy Star certified — the gold standard for energy efficiency in the United States— but are recognized as the most efficient by Energy Star in 2020. 

They are double or triple pane and made with a special protective coating on the glass that reflects infrared and UV light, filled with air or argon gas, and the sashes are filled with foam. This all adds up to extremely efficient windows that you can trust to keep your family comfortable, as well as save you money, all year long.

Our windows come in a wide variety of options, including: 

  • Window style, from glider to double hung to casement 
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Choice of glass, such as clear or obscured
  • Choice of lock and hardware finishes
  • Options for decorative muntins
  • And even blinds 

Our doors carry the exact same care in look and efficiency, and include the same wide variety of styles and choices while remaining the peak of energy efficiency and money saving value for your family. 

When it comes to our windows and doors, you can’t go wrong. With so many stylistic options on some of the most energy efficient products on the market, we think you’ll be absolutely happy with our options and expert installation. 

Free Home Energy Audit In Lansing for Your Windows and Doors

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If you’re in the market for new windows, or are not sure where to put your home improvement money to get the most bang-for-your-buck out of energy efficiency, give us a call today and schedule a free home energy audit. Is now not the best time to chat? Fill out the form below and we will reach out when it is convenient for you. We’ll use specialized tools to test your windows and doors and let you know your options for saving money and increased comfort for your home. 

And please, spend some time around our website checking out all of the options available for keeping your home airtight, as well as to learn more about how you can save money through efficiency. We hope to see you soon!