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Welcome to Premier Home Solutions, your local source for first-class home weatherization in Lansing. We’re experts in providing air sealing to homes to keep your family comfortable, use fewer non-renewable resources— and perhaps most importantly— save your household money on annual heating and cooling bills. 

Weatherization is the practice of solidifying and increasing the thermal barrier of your house by adding insulation and other impediments to stop or reduce air from exiting and entering a structure. 

In plain English, weatherization means adding things like weatherstripping, caulking, and insulation to your home to plug access points for air to enter and exit. 

Think of your home like a yacht with subtle leaks below water. Water slowly enters the hull, but during the short-term, the leaks aren’t enough to sink the boat. However, over a long time considerable energy must be spent to pump out this water. 

Your home acts the same way with warm air in the summer, and cool air in the winter. Most homes, no matter how well constructed, contain tiny air leaks that allow small amounts of cold or warm air to enter your home, which your furnace or AC must work to pump out. This cost adds up considerably over time. These leaks could be subtly coming in through the attic, or near your foundation, via windows and doors that don’t seal properly, and many other areas. 

Through our free home energy assessments we can identify where these leaks are coming from, and we can then use weatherization and air sealing practices to stop these leaks for good using materials like caulk, targeted spray foam, proper weatherstripping and other specialized methods.    

 The Undeniable Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

Frankly, air sealing is one of the most cost effective improvements you can make to your home. Often money spent on air sealing and weatherization has a return of investment of over 70 percent. In one US Department of Energy study, for every dollar spent on weatherizing and air sealing homes $1.72 was saved in energy costs. That’s a 72 percent return on investment, just in energy. The same study showed the average national household saved $283 each year once properly weatherized. 

Additionally, as this was a national study including areas far more temperate than Mid-Michigan, so we can expect that number to increase slightly for homes in the Lansing area. Over ten years that’s almost $3,000 in savings, a reduction in cost that will often pay for the investment of weather sealing itself, not to mention the increased comfort to your home in the meantime, as weatherization can help to eliminate drafts and areas of temperature inequality. 

However, the study showed additional savings far above reduced energy cost. The study also showed that for every dollar spent in weatherization, $2.78 was saved in other tangential costs like health benefits. 

That’s right. Having a properly weatherized home can make your family more healthy as it stops outside air and pollutants from entering your home, while cleaning the air that does, as well as eliminate health hazards like mold and mildew. According to the study: 

“After weatherization, families have homes that are more livable, resulting in fewer missed days of work (e.g., sick days, doctor visits), and decreased out-of-pocket medical expenses by an average of $514. The total health and household related benefits for each unit averages $14,148”  

That’s a lot of money. 

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