A Thorough and Free Home Energy Audit in Midland, MI

Premier Home Solutions is your number one local source for home energy audits in Midland, Michigan! Our audits are always free, are always no-pressure, and contain no obligation to purchase anything. 

What is a home energy audit? A home energy audit is a professional assessment of the energy efficiency of your home using specialized tools, along with a review of your utility bills including information about your household such as number of members and square footage. It is expertly designed to identify areas of your home that could benefit from energy conservation through methods like insulation, better windows, and weatherization. These practices can save your household real money by reducing your energy bills. 

How much money? 

The average homeowner in Midland spends more than $6,500 on heating and cooling costs each year, which leaves immense opportunity for improvement and savings. Many of our procedures will pay for themselves over the lifetime of a home, and are almost universally regarded as a good investment.  

How Does a Home Energy Audit Work?

When you call us for your free home energy audit, here is what will happen: First we’ll set up an appointment, at your convenience, to visit your home. Again, the visit is totally free, there is no pressure to buy anything, and we don’t use hardball sales tactics. Our products and experience speak for themselves.  

We’ll then send a BPI Certified (Building Performance Institute) technician to your home to conduct the audit. We’ll take a look at your energy bills and compare them to national and regional averages along with a number of factors like the size of your home and the number of people living in it. 

Now for the technical part. We’ll use specialized tools like a digital thermal heat monitor and a blower door test to go through your house room by room to test the energy efficiency of things like your windows and doors and your insulation. These tests are specially designed to show the mathematical efficiency of every room and area of your home. 

Upon completion, we’ll walk you through the results and make recommendations about where you can make improvements. We do these tests because we can scientifically tell you where your money can go furthest— for example, you may be looking for new insulation, but dollar for dollar new windows might save you more money in the long run. 

We offer these tests free of charge because we want to educate consumers on the best value for their money. Many, many homeowners are our repeat customers and find value in our services. We’re in this for the long-run.   

Schedule An Absolutely Free Midland Home Energy Audit 

If you’d like a free audit of your home, or you’re looking for a specific product like windows or insulation, please give us a call to set up an appointment. We’re available 9-5 Monday through Friday. 

We hope you’ll give us a call today and allow us the privilege of performing a home energy audit on your home. You stand to save thousands of dollars over the life of your home, while keeping your living space more comfortable, happy and healthy in the meantime.