Energy Efficient Windows & Doors In Midland Michigan

Premier Home Solutions offers the most innovative and energy efficient windows and doors available on the market in Midland Michigan today. Our products come in a variety of styles to choose from while remaining the best value for the money.  

Our proprietary windows, were specifically created for maximum energy efficiency. Our windows have in received the highest Energy Star rating on the market. Our windows contain all the standard modern safety and efficiency features, like double or triple pane design, air or inert filled gas cores, and exceptional seals. 

We’ve also added some more complex and lesser utilized features to make our windows stand out from the pack. Innovative sash design, foam filled cores, multi-chamber extrusions, and other small details make our windows the best on the market today.  

While this may sound expensive, we offer advantages in cost too. Because we own and operate the factory, we offer you direct from factory pricing cutting out the cost of a middleman. When you purchase windows from us, you’re purchasing wholesale, and that will save you a bundle. 

Not to mention the money saved on energy!

In most cases, our windows pay for themselves in energy savings over the life of the windows. Some homeowners can save as much as $300 a year on energy bills through weatherization strategies like installing new windows and doors. That’s $3,000 over 10 years alone— a very good investment, considering you’ll also be keeping your home more comfortable and will be helping our environment and air quality in addition.

The Most Energy Efficient— and Aesthetically pleasing—  Windows and Doors 

Windows and doors come in many, many different colors and styles, designed to be aesthetically pleasing with all styles of architecture, from classic to ultra modern. We offer a plethora of window styles, such as: 

  • Glider 
  • Casement 
  • Double hung 
  • Bay window systems
  • Bow window systems 
  • Sliding entry doors 
  • And swinging entry doors

We also offer many specialized options, such as upscale roofing material like copper, or screens that are more resistant to pet damage.  

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All of our windows come with standard options as well, such as specialized glass (privacy glass), choice of hardware color and material, choice of interior and exterior color, etc. 

Of course our entry doors offer the same wide variety of options modern consumers come to expect. There is enormous variety to choose from, all containing beautiful and energy efficient  glass, choice of colors, hardware material, and everything one could want in door styles.

Stylish, energy efficient, and factory pricing? You can’t go wrong with that.  

Call for A Free Home Energy Audit of Your Windows and Doors 

If you’re looking for new windows or doors, or if you’d like to schedule a free home energy audit to see where your home-improvement dollars will go furthest, give us a call or sign up for an appointment using the form below.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the best service and products in the business. We’re your energy saving experts, and we hope to extend all of our best qualities to you. 

We look forward to serving you.