There are many reasons to get a home energy audit. An audit will help you prepare your home for a weather emergency, and help you know how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Each homeowner may have different reasons. For most families, the savings potential on heating and cooling costs is the biggest motivation. 

Premier Home Solutions provides home energy audits absolutely free once a year to households within 100 miles of Lansing Michigan. 

Why do you need a home energy audit? Here are 10 reasons!

1. Understand How Your Home Can Be More Efficient

The first reason to get a home energy audit is to understand how your home can be more energy efficient. This study, which takes just a couple of hours, looks at where air is entering and exiting your home, where you could use more insulation. It compares your energy bills with other households of similar size and location. When the process is complete, you will have an excellent understanding of where your home is efficient, and where it could use a little help.  

2. See How Much Money You Can Save Each Month

While saving energy is great for our shared environment, likely the number one reason people choose to increase the energy efficiency of their homes is to save money. And the economics can be quite stunning. With energy efficiency improvements, households can save thousands of dollars a year on energy bills in some cases. The best part is, many of these improvements pay for themselves over the lifetime of the homes. A home energy audit can help you understand just how much you can save per year. 

3. They’re Free

PHS Provides home energy audits for everyone’s favorite price: free. These energy audits are absolutely free to you and are no pressure. All we ask is that you give our insulation, weather sealing and other services an honest look. 

4. They Pinpoint Where Your Dollars Go Furthest

Sometimes it can be hard to understand where your limited home improvement dollars may go furthest to save energy and money. Would it make sense to get new windows first? Or maybe insulation would save you more. Perhaps it’s some simple weather sealing. A home energy audit can tell you.

5. They Use Specialized Equipment Not Available to Most DIY’ers

One drawback to home energy audits is they really aren't available to DIY’ers, because they use specialized equipment like infrared cameras and blower doors. But no fear, we have all the equipment, are highly trained, and happy to help you out absolutely for free.

6. Make Your Home More Comfortable

Not only will improving the energy efficiency of your home save money and likely pay for itself in the long run, it will make your home more comfortable. Adding insulation or weather sealing will stop drafts, keep your home heated evenly across rooms, and eliminate cold floors, among other things. Like these other improvements, this all starts with a home energy audit. 

7. Make Your Home Safer

A lesser known benefit of improving energy efficiency— which, as always, starts with a home energy audit— is these improvements make your home safer. Things like insulation are the first line of defense against household pollutants like mold and mildew, and improving the airflow in your home also improves its quality, in many cases significantly. 

8. Increase Your Home’s Resale Value 

One interesting side note of a home energy audit is that knowing exactly how energy efficient your home is can increase its resale value. In numbers— which translate to dollars and cents— you can notify potential buyers that your home is exceptionally energy efficient when compared to others in the neighborhood. 

9. Understand Your Energy Bills

Another little known facet of the home energy audit, is that a technician will go through your energy bills with you as part of the process. With these, we can understand how much energy your home is using on an average monthly basis, and compare it to what it should be with current building standards and other homes in the area. By getting a home energy audit our technicians can help explain what is going on in your bills and compare them to others.

10. Learn About Financial Incentives

Finally, when our technicians visit your home, they will come with the knowledge of any financial incentives that may be available for improving the efficiency of your home. These can be significant, and change often, but our technicians can inform you of what is currently available. We want you to be in the most energy efficient home possible and will inform you of any free money that might be able to help with this goal. 

Call Premier Home Solutions for a Free Home Energy Audit in Southern Michigan

If you think a home energy audit might be right for you, give us a call today. We’ll perform a home energy audit at your earliest convenience and absolutely for free. We’re looking forward to serving you.