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Weatherization & Airsealing Packages

We here at PHS are committed to saving you on energy costs and staying environmentally friendly. Part of that effort was the design of our own Energy Star Windows & Doors. We also offer Weatherization & Air Sealing packages that are known to be pivotal in saving money & retaining comfort within your home.

Benefits of Weatherizing

Let’s be honest, buying, and owning a home is one of the biggest emotional and financial investments we make throughout our lives. As Michigan homeowners, our houses need to be prepared for anything in terms of the weather: both indoor and outdoor. When your house has not been weatherized, you’re potentially paying for various inefficiencies every month… and that adds up! You may be asking yourself, what is weatherization? It is the protection of your home from the elements, inside and out. Things like precipitation, sunlight, and wind can have an adverse effect on your home. Weatherizing reduces energy consumption and promotes energy efficiency with only a few building modifications.


When the season beings to change outdoors, weatherizing will provide a much easier transition indoors regarding your comfort level and energy cost adjustments. Not to mention the money you will save on heating and cooling during the changing seasons. When severe weather hits, you don’t want to be feeling the effects inside the home, as the weather outdoors is rapidly changing. Anticipate the well-known inclement Michigan weather and utilize our service to keep your home comfortable and, best of all, more cost-efficient year-round! Weatherization includes but is not limited to: adding weatherstripping, caulking and sealing doors/windows, plugging up access points, and performing a blower door test

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Weatherizing & Air Sealing Benefits