Energy Efficient Home Window

What are the Best Energy Efficient Windows?

Windows are one of the most important parts of your home’s energy efficiency. If your windows are old, don’t seal properly, or contain the outdated efficiency technology and innovations, you are throwing money out of, well, the windows. 

But what constitutes the best energy efficient windows, and where do you find them? Are they costly? And could they save your household money? 

We’ll give you a hint. Premier Home Solutions!

We designed our proprietary system in-house for maximum energy efficiency. Our windows have rated the most efficient on the market by Energy Star®. We offer a large selection of design choices and an industry-leading warranty. 

The Pillars of Energy Efficiency

All energy efficient windows have a number of things in common. The most efficient ones combine these innovations into one total package. 

Double or Triple Pane Design

Glass is a terrible insulator. In fact, it’s a great conductor. That is not ideal for energy efficiency. This can be mitigated by adding multiple panes of glass with an insulating gas between the panels to create a barrier between your home and the outside. All Premier Home Solutions windows are double or triple pane. If your windows are single pane, we always recommend replacing them immediately.    

Inert Gas 

The gas which fills your windows is also important. Standard air is good, but inert gas, such as argon, is better. Inert gasses provide better insulating value than other gases. At Premier Home Solutions we offer argon and air.  

Foam Filled cores

Just like your walls, windows should be filled with foam or other insulation for maximum efficiency. This means the sashes— the vinyl, metal, or wood part around the glass— should be filled with an insulating material. If your sashes are unfilled, you can be losing out on efficiency. All of PHS’s windows come with filled cores.  

Excellent seals 

This almost goes without saying, but if your windows don’t seal properly the rest of the points are moot. Having windows that don’t seal well is like having a leak in a submarine. It will cost you and your family an incredible amount of money literally being thrown out of the window. At PHS, we can test the seals on your windows for free. 

Top Materials 

Of course, the materials from which your windows are made are also important. You don’t want the materials themselves to transmit heat loss, which is why our windows are made aluminum-free and with fusion welded corners. 


Like anything else, design can make or break a project. We’ve specifically designed our windows in-house to be the most energy efficient possible. In fact, our windows have been named most efficient on the market available to US consumers by Energy Star— the nonpartisan governmental rating agency— in 2020. 

Are Energy Efficient Windows Expensive?

Energy efficient windows can often save your household money in reduced energy bills, and often pay for themselves in energy efficiency over the lifetime of the windows. 

It's simple. For a modest investment, you and your family can save money each month on heating and cooling bills due to increased energy efficiency. Over time, that money adds up, and often totals more than households spend on the windows in the first place. As an added bonus, homes are almost always more comfortable in the meantime due to decreased drafts, decreased areas of temperature fluctuation, and are more soundproof. More efficient windows also means a lower carbon footprint.

Because we sell these windows factory direct — that is, we have not only designed them ourselves, but we make them ourselves too — we can sell them without the cost of a middleman. By manufacturing our windows and selling them directly to you, we are able to offer the absolute best in price as well as efficiency. 

Of course, our windows come in a wide variety of colors and styles, with all kinds of choices in hardware color and optional extras like pet-resistant screens and internal mini-blinds. 

Many homeowners are surprised just how reasonably priced these best windows can be. 

How to Get Started on the Path to Energy Efficient Windows? 

If you’d think you need new windows, or would like to see just how efficient your home is, give Premier Home Solutions a call. We’ll perform an absolutely free, absolutely no obligation home energy audit. This audit will tell us where your home is doing well in energy efficiency, and where improvement can be made. Energy efficient windows play a huge role in the efficiency of your home. 

Give us a call today to let us stop your hard earned money from blowing out the window.